Delta Fasting Tracker

A simple, lightweight app to track your fasts


Track your daily fasts!

In mathematics, the Greek symbol Delta is used to represent change. Delta Fasting Tracker is meant to help its users in their intermittent fasting journey to achieve the healthy change they wish to see in themselves.


Set a goal to stay motivated

It can be hard to change habits, but with the proper motivation it can be easier. Having a daily goal to meet can help push you to keep going when you feel like giving up.


Import data from other fasting apps

Don't lose your stats if you've used other apps to track your fasts.


Delta Fasting Tracker was created to fill the void of IF tracking apps with a simple, clean interface and a focus on user privacy. It doesn't require an account to use and never collects any personal information other than fasting start and end times. The information that is collected is stored securely on the users phone.